Wednesday, March 9, 2011

From Venus

Dear mom
guess what :o so i left mercurys to see Venus.. venus is the 2 planet from the sun,u want to knwo somethign weird venus gets bright wen the sun gos down and comes up.. someone here told me they call venus the sister planet to has a bit gravity.. and its very smooth some areas and otheres have volcanoes,rifty falleys ,moountains here u dont has to worry about the temps chageing soo much cus always stays the same night or day :D.. any who mama i see u laters :D

Mercury's Aliens

Mercury is the 1st planet close to the sun its as big as the earth,it has no moons and gets supper hot on one side  like 400 celsius why the othere side of mercury frezz like up to  -195 celsius ..the reson for it geting that hot and cold cus unlike earth mercury moves around slowy  :P

if there was like any kind alien there i think it would look kind like me :D .. so we call it "THE MIYAVI... he would have hard shell around him to help him from bruning up and frezzing late night it would dig its way inside mercurys to find its water and food he would eats anything that walks and he would have emo hair cus he would be emo about how hot it gets..and he would have 3tails to help him dig his way down >:Oyum yumm   +^.^+  and he would be pretty mean cus of the heat and cold >:O RAWWW

Friday, March 4, 2011

why mercury get so cold at night

why mercury get so cold at night
mercury temperature gets as hot as 430 degrees celsius during the day and at night it get cold as -180 degree celsius at night
mercury is 46 million kiometers  to 69.8 from sun  is the reson why its so hot during day

resason for mercury being soo cold at night is
that mercury rotates very slowy it rotates only once every 59 earth days one side of mercury gets roasted for a long time by the sun  with nothing to protect it
on the night side theres no sun to warm it up for long time ..

Dear family

Dear family
i writes from you from Mercurys did you know that mercury is the 1st plant that close to the sun
you wont belives how hots it gets here and you say you has it bad
they say that it gets as  430 degrees Celsius during the day DX i know right and as cold as -180 degrees Celsius at night... but i loves it here we dont have a moon like earth does but whats can you do.. and you wont belive the veiew we has here of the sun we have to were are SUper glasses to look at the Sol since were soo close to it O...o Sol is Romen word they calls the sun :D i wites to again .. i has to go burry meself befor gets too cold DX hehe ...
loves Yummi

Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow White and Rose Red Fat Questions

1.Describe the sisterly bond between Snow White and Rose Red.

-snow white and rose red had a really close bond between them. they were sisters there were always with each othere..discovering everything with each othere they were both very sweet and kind to each othere and to otheres. geez they even give stinky all bear baths the times he came to there houses o..o hehe

.2.How is the story similar/different to the modern Snow White?

-well i really thing the only thing that was similar that i remember from the disny one is that there was a prince  at the end hehe...
i found this story very different.. like how the prince was a bear all along.. and the short ppl in this one were evil and like to still things all the times and hide in winter cus it was too cold..and they put a cruse on the prince  to trun him into a bear at the end the bear trun back to his old self

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Letter to Wolf

Dear Alex T. Wolf
me is writeing to you to tell you i did nots comes to the doors for freas thats u would trys to kills me .. i has hot date that nights and i has to gets ready.. and stoping to see what you wanted it would take alway from me looking all cute n very sad that you eats my bros all ups and i is happy they locks you in dont belives u came looking for surga...but for some more piggy me not so dumb u know ... i has to gos now cus i has my 2nd date today >:)~

x..Piggy numbers 3 with a hots date :D

Fav Sceen from littel red

FAt Questions 2-23-11

How were Golden Hood's instructions from her mother different from Little Red's? Do you think they're any better/worse?

--well if me remember rights.. on the little red  one her mother put soo much more in her baskit like all kind goodies.. and on the golden hood one she gives her soo much less and than says.... ask if knew how to to get there and get back on her own o.o. and on the red one she already knew her way

how is the wolf's end different from the Andrew Lang's version of Little Red Riding Hood? Is this how you would have ended the story? Explain.

--on the gold one  the wof didnt get shots... but they give something that bruns his trots ups and he runs fast as he could and i think they were gonna eat him and than were his fur and things
and on the red one th... as the wolf was about to eats her... ths random dude just comes out of no were  kills the wolf just in time << ..