Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mercury's Aliens

Mercury is the 1st planet close to the sun its as big as the earth,it has no moons and gets supper hot on one side  like 400 celsius why the othere side of mercury frezz like up to  -195 celsius ..the reson for it geting that hot and cold cus unlike earth mercury moves around slowy  :P

if there was like any kind alien there i think it would look kind like me :D .. so we call it "THE MIYAVI... he would have hard shell around him to help him from bruning up and frezzing late night it would dig its way inside mercurys to find its water and food he would eats anything that walks and he would have emo hair cus he would be emo about how hot it gets..and he would have 3tails to help him dig his way down >:Oyum yumm   +^.^+  and he would be pretty mean cus of the heat and cold >:O RAWWW

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