Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Letter to Wolf

Dear Alex T. Wolf
me is writeing to you to tell you i did nots comes to the doors for freas thats u would trys to kills me .. i has hot date that nights and i has to gets ready.. and stoping to see what you wanted it would take alway from me looking all cute n very sad that you eats my bros all ups and i is happy they locks you in dont belives u came looking for surga...but for some more piggy me not so dumb u know ... i has to gos now cus i has my 2nd date today >:)~

x..Piggy numbers 3 with a hots date :D

1 comment:

  1. Dear Pig Three,

    Well, you certainly ain't need to be so rude to a neighbor. If your bros had been more neighborly, their houses prolly ain't woulda fell in 'n they'd all still be alive 'n I could have you all over for crompits 'n tea. I'm sorry I ate your bros, but they was already dead after all 'n really I done you a favor because now they ain't around dead to make you sad 'n you ain't gotta pay for no funerals...I hear they're real outrageous nowadays. I hope your date went good, but you really should be careful...that Miss Piggy's got a bad temper, an she'll likely cheat on you with a frog.

    Just sayin'
    I ain't hold you in no ill will, 'n you're welcome at my place once I get out.
    Mister A. Wolf